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art + reading

a journal of reading and making 

We are pleased to announce the publication of our inaugural issue of art + reading, a serial journal for creative readers. Co-edited by Jenn Law and Penelope Stewart, the first issue explores the theme of "rupture" through a multi-disciplinary lens.Signalling a radical shift in perception and conception, a refusal against the status quo, rupture is the overture to revolution, political or otherwise, signifying the very condition that makes innovation possible.

The issue features an in-depth interview with Canadian artist Ed Pien, as well as artist pages, poetry, creative prose, and critical writing by  Barbara Balfour (Canada), Mary Anne Barkhouse (Canada), Sandra Brewster (Canada), Derek Coulombe (Canada), Andrew Omoding (Uganda, UK), Trevor Marchand (Canada, UK), Dyan Marie (Canada), David Moos (Canada), Penny Siopis (South Africa), Kathryn Smith (South Africa, UK), and Clive van den Berg (South Africa).

60 pages full colour

$15 launch price (regular $20)

For subscription information, please contact us at 

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