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art+reading  'entanglement' Issue 2

art+reading 'entanglement' Issue 2


This issue of art+reading explores the theme—Deep Time—and emphasizes collaborative strategies of making and story-telling, and the entanglements of art and science specifically.  Our central interview is with Canadian astronomer, Doug Welch (McMaster University, Canada) and photo-based artist Dianne Bos (Canada and France).They collaborated on a project called "Light Echo", for which they created a specially constructed room to allow viewers to observe the "Tycho Supernova" as it appeared in the late sixteenth century.

Other contributors in this issue include Australian artist Anna Madeleine who incorporates augmented reality in her work; artist Alison Alder, (Australia); curator Nancy Campbell (Canada) and Cape Dorset Indigenous artist Shuvinai Ashoona; Aboriginal artist Judy Watson (Australia); photo-based artist Thomas Blanchard (Canada); textile and multi-media artist Meghan Price (Canada) and artist, map-maker, and geologist Suzanne Nacha (Canada); astro-physicist Matt Russo and jazz musician Andrew Santaguido (Canada); print-based artist and filmmaker Tara Cooper (Canada); musical innovator, instrument designer, and composer Gayle Young (Canada) and cellist Madeleine Shapiro (United States); artist and filmmaker asinnajaq  (Nunivak Canada), and the curatorial team Heather Igloliorte, Amy Dickson, and Charissa von Harringa (Canada); and celebrated poet Lindley Williams Hubbell (United States and Japan).


72 pages

ISBN 978-0-9877540-6-6

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